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Why V-FAIR Surplus Solutions, Inc. (V-FAIR)


It’s simple: V-FAIR Surplus Solutions assists clients in selling their excess inventory and equipment versus outright buying it which allows us to extend a higher ROI than our competition. Often, V-FAIR Surplus Solutions can offer our clients pricing that can be as much as 200%- 300% more than offered elsewhere.

V-FAIR Surplus Solutions provides our clients with higher returns on all things surplus—not just a select few commodities, but across the board. Electronic components, memory and storage, electrical products, IT, network and all other equipment. We get you more money. Auctions are wonderful, but are the best buyers always present or participating? We bring the material to the buyers, not hope they come to us

We are also a strategic partner. Much like advertising, marketing, shipping, legal advice, accounting, graphic arts and other commonly outsourced areas of expertise, V-FAIR Surplus Solutions is built on the assumption that excess inventory management and re-marketing to add its value back into the marketplace is not inherently a do-it-yourself endeavor. We invest the time and effort necessary to address each and every line item in your inventory individually and as a lot to maximize your resale price. There are thousands of companies who buy excess and surplus, and there is no need to know all of them inside and out. Rather, it is important to identify who in each market segment pays the best price for the products—that’s our job!

We do all the work. The process is quick and simple. Start by contacting us with a list of your inventory, material, equipment and/or other assets. V-FAIR Surplus Solutions works with you to gather all the information necessary to maximize the return we can offer you. We then contact each and every buyer and present you with line-item and/or lot pricing for your material.