How We Do It


Pro-Active Marketing

Quick Turnaround

Close Long Term Customer Relationships

V-FAIR utilizes a combination of pro-active marketing by some of the best in the business, quick responses and close long-term customer/supplier relationships.

No posting on a website and hoping someone contacts us and buys it instead of the other hundred suppliers who have the same parts listed on all the same websites. Many times suppliers are also posting other suppliers postings.

Surplus is what we do all day, every day. Typical turnaround can be as quick as a few hours or 24 hours, however, we typically find five business days is most effective. Our Asset Recovery Specialists are ready to contact their customers with your material, no need for any more valuable man hours being spent trying to market your own surplus.

Many of our applications are mission critical, so we give our clients the assurance that we will be there with the knowledge, ability and perseverance to dedicate the time and resources necessary to accomplish the goals when they need us and in a timely fashion.

We have developed close long-term relationships, many going as far back as the beginning of our founders career in 1987.  In order to maximize the return our clients receive for their surplus we need to re-market the product to current end users and stocking distributors, in other words, our customers.

We know exactly what our customers buy and contact each one when we have the material specific to their needs. Many of our customers purchase surplus on a daily basis as part of their business model, others simply want to take advantage of some of the cost reduction benefits of buying surplus. BE SURE TO ASK US HOW YOU CAN ALSO BENEFIT IN OUR COST REDUCTION PROGRAMS.